High blood pressure is a silent killer. Many people having it are unaware of this life-threatening disease. It causes diabetes, stroke, kidney failure, and heart conditions leading to death. Hence the blood pressure regulation is necessary. A regular reading for an average healthy person should be 120/80. It can vary slightly, but if the difference is vast, talk to the doctor. The blood pressure shows the force by which the blood is pushing against your artery walls. Hence the change in pressure affects the heart. High blood pressure is known as a silent killer as it shows no symptoms until something serious happens. The only way to track it is by checking regularly. Therefore, at the clinic, the blood pressure reading is taken at every appointment with other routine checkups.

Types of high blood pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is due to many factors. Irrespective of age, it has affected many people. Primary hypertension develops with age and time and shows no symptoms. Usually, this type develops due to the following reasons;

  • Family heredity,
  • Physical changes in the body,
  • Or unhealthy lifestyles.

An obese person has a greater risk. Besides the other type is secondary hypertension. This is more serious and is a result of the following reasons;

  • Thyroid problem,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Sleep apnea,
  • Heart problems and other diseases.

Although it is not easy to identify hypertension, few symptoms are common. The warnings include headaches, chest pain, breathing problems, dizziness, bleeding from the noose, and urine. However, people have shown different symptoms. There are cases where there was no symptom until it became fatal.

Blood pressure regulation

Health is wealth; hence taking care of it is necessary. Blood pressure regulation is essential. A few tips that can help are;

  • Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. It affects not only the heart but all other organs of the body. The kidney of an obese person does not work efficiently, and so the extra fluids do not drain from the blood. This increases the volume of blood putting more pressure on the blood vessels. The condition becomes alarming if not controlled at the right time.
  • Increased sodium intake is not suitable for the body as it affects the kidney. It is better to control the level of sodium in the diet. Usually, processed food is rich in sodium, try replacing it with natural homemade food. Another way is by adding potassium to your diet. Sodium and potassium neutralize each other; one holds the water while the other excretes it. So, the reaction balances the flow of blood.  Potassium is in bananas, beans, tomatoes, and many other fruits and veggies.
  • Exercising is also a good way to main blood pressure. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or any other activity can help.
  • Meditation calms your body.

Blood pressure regulation is essential. At Cure Rx, you can easily book an online appointment with the cardiologist and know about the treatment that follows. Check-In now!