Covid-19 has a catastrophic effect on many businesses and the economy as a whole. However, even in this seemingly dark situation, every cloud has a silver lining. The silver lining in this situation is the growth and promising surge of telemedicine.

A Complimentary Situation:

Covid-19 has turned luxury into a necessity. The stress on social distancing and the consequent lockdown brought the use of digital services into prominence. As a result, many had to embrace digitalization into their profession because there was no way forward.

Thus, many doctors and clinicians have to include digital services into their practice. Similarly, many patients who were reluctant toward digital healthcare have to seek health care online. Inevitably, telemedicine emerged as a backbone for the already fragile health care facilities.

The Positive Effects of Services:

The digital connection of doctors to their patients was precisely what was needed during the pandemic. Therefore, the use of digital services bore two immediate positive results:

  • It lowered the burden on the hospitals working on a full brim.
  • It ensured the application of lockdown and social distancing.

Waiting rooms of hospitals acted as a viral hotspot. However, online health care services reduced traffic flow to hospitals. Hence, it helped to bottleneck the spread of the disease. Furthermore, all of the discussed goodness was achieved without compromising the provision of quality health care services, so it is a win-win situation for all.

Tracking The Growth Of Services.

Online health care services displayed a remarkable growth of more than 100% compared to stats of the year before (2019). Online encounters increased by more than 90% from February to April. The first community spread in the US was reported during February. Now, fast forward two months from the first encounter, and telemedicine had 90% more users. CMS telehealth waivers and the CARES act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) were two essential regulations that aided the spread of online health care services.

The Way Forward:

Although the stats above showed growth of acceptance in the US, many countries worldwide shared a similar pattern in telemedicine services growth. Hence, it’s a collective stride towards the endorsement of digital health care services. Covid-19 and the growth of telemedicine showed us the ever-increasing role of technology in our world. Digital technology has turned around the provision of services making many services available at ease within your house’s comfort.

Post Covid-19 And Increase Role Of Services:

If we take the surge in the use of digital health care as a temporary side effect of the pandemic, we are much mistaken. After Covid-19, the use of telemedicine will surely increase, although the growth rate might not be so steep. The bloom’s primary reason is the ability of online healthcare services to solve many problems our health care services are facing today. Telemedicine is exceptionally budget-friendly. It reduces hospital readmission rate and is super comfortable and easy to use.

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