Telemedicine refers to the provision of remote medical attention. Hence, like any other medical appointment, patients and doctors require specific tools to make their digital meeting successful.

The patient’s list of equipment is limited to a fast internet connection and a laptop or PC. However, doctors are not so lucky, and they need a hefty amount of tools to make their digital appointment useful. Here is a list of the essential pieces of equipment required for telemedicine. At CureRX Telemedicine you will find everything you need to set up a telemedicine.

The Basics:

A computer and a fast internet connection are the rudiments of telemedicine. A computer with a good inbuilt camera or an external digital camera provides a doctor with detailed visuals throughout the meeting. Furthermore, a fast internet connection ensures a smooth session.
A doctor must keep in mind the occasional lapses that might affect the internet speed. Hence, such lapses will harm the quality of digital checkup. Thus, to combat such inefficiencies, a doctor should have a back-up line always ready. A back-up line can be cellular data services such as 4G LTE or even 5G if available.

Virtual Stethoscope And Other Accessories:

Nobody can imagine a doctor without a stethoscope. A stethoscope hung around the neck and a white lab coat are the trademarks that define a doctor. The depiction of a doctor’s close association with a stethoscope is not entirely wrong. The tool is quite useful to monitor a person’s vitals such as heart rate and breathing activity.
However, during a digital appointment, a doctor cannot use his handy instrument. Hence, a virtual stethoscope takes the place of the traditional one. A virtual stethoscope records the desired audio and transmits it to the doctor’s workstation. At the station doctor carefully analyzes the recordings for any anomalies. Furthermore, a doctor can further request the patient to move the instrument over the body to a specific area like the chest, back, or gut. In this way, the doctor is able to examine any system as per wishes.
Unique digital gadgets are not limited to a virtual stethoscope, but several such instruments exist, such as wireless scales, thermometers, and health watches.

  • Wireless scales: These scales record the patient’s current weight and transmit it to the doctor’s station. Accurate knowledge of weight is necessary for a doctor while they prescribe particular medicine.
  • Thermometers: Digital thermometers are not new and are around us for a while. These thermometers keep a tab on the patient’s body temperature and keep the doctor informed.
  • Health Watches: These watches record the vitals of the patient who wears them. These watches help the doctor keep an eye on their patient’s vitals during day-to-day activities like during an exercise session.
  • A Software That Connects It All:

    To access all the information, a doctor will need user-friendly software. Such software combines all the different functionalities in a simple application that a doctor can easily access.


    Those were the essential pieces of equipment required for telemedicine. It is now more comfortable for the doctor to check on their patients. Inevitably, telemedicine does provide many other benefits. You can learn more about the benefits and our services through our website.