The current pandemic has brought changes in all aspects of life; businesses are running online, people avoid visiting busy places, and home deliveries are preferred. Furthermore, our buying patterns have changed, and we have switched towards a healthier living style. Children and old age are at higher risk, so parents try to keep their kids at home most of the time. Due to this, the children lack the pediatric primary care necessary to monitor their health. Telemedicine is a great option to opt for, especially in the current time. It is easier and comfortable for both children and parents to visit the pediatrician virtually.

Although hospitals and clinics are trying their best to provide a safe environment for all their patients, social distancing has become common, and wearing masks and gloves is necessary. Regular sanitization is a part of the norm, and there is a limit on the number of patients in the waiting room. Besides all this, cases are rising daily, and each one of us is waiting for the bright day when this world will find a vaccine to kill the COVID-19 virus. In between all this, other diseases also make us sick. Due to the weather, children catch flu and fever or various allergies that need treatment; thus, telemedicine presently is the safest way to reach the doctor.

Telemedicine for pediatric primary care

The following are a few ways to make telemedicine useful for you, and the virtual meeting will benefit your child.

  • Be careful with the date and time. Prepare yourself a few minutes before the appointed time and try to seek out all your child’s illness symptoms. Find a quiet place where no one of the family members can interrupt; switch off the television and music in the room and maintain privacy. You and your child should be alone during the meeting with the doctor.
  • Choose a place with sufficient bright light so that the doctor can quickly examine your child virtually. It is better to keep a flashlight or torch handy if your child’s throat or skin checkup needs it. Also, try to note down the essential points given during the appointment by the doctor. Keep some gears with you like a thermometer, scale, pen, pencil, and a notebook to use as per the need.
  • Talk to your child and explain the whole process so that he is ready to face and communicate on screen. Try to time it in a way that before the appointment child is fed and is active. If you want to ask about any medicine, try to have them handy to show during the consultation. Interruptions are regular, and they do come, but staying patient and flexible does the work. However, if something unavoidable turns up, you can always request a reschedule for pediatric primary care virtual visit.

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