At last, summer is here, and you probably feel like jumping in the pool already. But before you dive in, are you sure your swimming pool is ready for pool season, too? Germs can be found anywhere, including in swimming pools and hot tubs. This means that proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to prevent the chance of getting sick while enjoying your day at a waterpark.

Can the water in your pool make you sick?

Recreational water illnesses are infections caused by germs that can grow in swimming pools, hot tubs, oceans, lakes and rivers, and water at water parks. These illnesses are spread by swallowing, coming into contact with or breathing in aerosolized mists of germ-containing water.

Tips for swimming safely

To minimize the chance of getting sick at a waterpark or your pool, follow these tips:

  • Make sure the pool is regularly cleaned. If you own a pool, be sure you’re keeping tabs on your pool’s chlorine and pH levels. If you are enjoying a public pool, ask for the pool’s inspection scores, or look them up online.
  • Avoid swimming if you are sick. If you or any of your family members have diarrhea or are recovering from diarrhea, avoid spreading germs by getting into a pool.
  • Take a quick shower before you swim.  A quick shower before getting in a pool can reduce the amount of dirt and sweat you bring into the water, which can help maintain proper chlorine levels.
  • Dry your ears when you get out. To prevent ear infections, make sure to thoroughly dry your ears after getting out of the pool.
  • Prep your kids. Before swimming, remind your kids to avoid peeing in the pool or swallowing pool water.

In addition to these tips, remember to stay safe at the pool by preventing falls, slips, and trips.

In case of sickness, visit CureRx to seek medical attention.